Sri Lanka vs Mauritius: Comparison of Two Idyllic Destinations

Choosing between two mesmerizing island destinations like Mauritius and Sri Lanka can feel akin to picking a favorite gem from a jeweler's showcase. Both nations gleam with their unique allure, promising unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a beach aficionado, nature enthusiast, culture seeker, or just someone searching for the next perfect getaway, the decision can be tantalizing. Dive into the serene tea plantations of Sri Lanka, or indulge in the luxury resorts of Mauritius? Relish a spicy Sri Lankan curry or savor the rich Creole flavors of Mauritius? And while the digital age has gifted us with the flexibility of working from anywhere, which of these islands is more conducive for the modern digital nomad? From the intricacies of visa regulations to the nightlife that each has to offer, our comprehensive guide juxtaposes the two, helping you decide where your next adventure should lie. Whether you're swaying towards the rich cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka or the azure lagoons of Mauritius, one thing is certain: paradise awaits. So, are you ready to explore?


Both Mauritius and Sri Lanka are island nations with a rich tapestry of natural beauty. From their pristine beaches to diverse ecosystems, each country offers unique experiences for nature enthusiasts.

Beaches and Ponds

Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean, boasts over 1,300 kilometers of coastline. Famous beaches like Mirissa, Unawatuna, and Arugam Bay draw surfers and sun-seekers from all over the world.
Interesting Fact: The coastal town of Hikkaduwa hosts a Coral Sanctuary, where you can snorkel among vibrant coral reefs and colorful marine life.

Mauritius, a volcanic island, is encircled by a broken ring of mountain ranges, giving way to paradisiacal beaches such as Grand Baie, Belle Mare, and Le Morne. Its lagoons are calm due to the coral reef barriers.
Interesting Fact: The underwater waterfall illusion off the coast of Le Morne is a breathtaking sight, which is actually a result of ocean currents and sand deposits.


Sri Lanka
The island boasts lush rainforests like Sinharaja, where endemic tree species thrive. Tea plantations in the Central Highlands offer a picturesque landscape.
Interesting Fact: Sri Lanka is among the world's top tea producers. The Ceylon tea, as it's called, has a distinctive taste influenced by the island's unique climate.

While much of the native forests have been replaced with sugarcane plantations, the Black River Gorges National Park still offers a glimpse of endemic flora.
Interesting Fact: The national flower of Mauritius is the Trochetia boutoniana or "Boucle d'Oreille" which translates to "Earring Flower".


Sri Lanka is rich in biodiversity with elephants, leopards, and the elusive sloth bear. The country also has a plethora of bird species, some of which are endemic.
Dangerous Fauna: Saltwater crocodiles, present in some lagoons and rivers, can be dangerous. There are also venomous snakes like the Russell's viper and Indian cobra, but encounters are relatively rare.

Native fauna of Mauritius has been largely replaced or out-competed by introduced species. However, the island is home to the famous dodo bird's legacy (now extinct) and unique species like the pink pigeon and Mauritius kestrel.
Dangerous Fauna: There are no dangerous predators on land. However, the waters can house some potentially harmful creatures like stonefish and sea urchins. It's always good to be cautious while stepping in shallow lagoon areas.


Supermarkets, Shops, Markets, and Food Stalls

Sri Lanka
You'll find a mix of local markets, roadside stalls, and supermarkets in major cities. Local markets and stalls predominantly offer fresh produce, spices, and local delicacies.
Interesting Fact: Pettah Market in Colombo is a bustling hub of activity, offering everything from textiles to electronics.

Mauritius has several supermarkets, especially in urban areas. Local markets, such as the Central Market in Port Louis, offer a variety of fresh produce and local specialties.
Interesting Fact: The Mauritian market culture often involves haggling, so don't be shy to negotiate prices!

Food Products, Assortment, and Prices

Note: Prices can vary based on inflation and market dynamics. The following are approximate figures as of the last update in 2022.

Sri Lanka:

  • Bread: $1.00-$1.50
  • Meat (Chicken): $4-$6 per kg
  • Vegetables (like carrots): $1-$2 per kg
  • Fruits (like bananas): $0.50-$1 per kg
  • Milk: $1-$1.50 per liter
  • Beer: $1-$2 for a local bottle

Average cost of a food basket per person for a week: $30-$50


  • Bread: $1-$2
  • Meat (Chicken): $6-$8 per kg
  • Vegetables: $2-$3 per kg
  • Fruits: $1-$2 per kg
  • Milk: $1-$1.50 per liter
  • Beer: $1.5-$3 for a local bottle

Average cost of a food basket per person for a week: $40-$60

Cafes and Restaurants

Sri Lanka
Plenty of local eateries and international restaurants, especially in tourist hubs. Local food is both affordable and flavorsome.
Lunch price: Minimum $2-$3, Average $5-$10

Mauritius boasts a rich culinary scene with a mix of Creole, Indian, Chinese, and French cuisines. Restaurants range from luxury dining to quaint beach shacks.
Lunch price: Minimum $5, Average $10-$20

Convenience for Remote Work

Sri Lanka
Internet speed varies but is generally reliable in urban areas. Co-working spaces are becoming more popular, especially in Colombo.
Interesting Fact: Sri Lanka introduced a visa program targeting digital nomads, making it easier for remote workers to stay longer.

Reliable internet connectivity, especially in urban regions. Several coworking spaces are available, catering to both locals and expats.
Interesting Fact: Mauritius has a Premium Visa, allowing remote workers to reside in the country for up to a year.


Sri Lanka
Public hospitals offer basic services, while private hospitals, especially in Colombo, provide more comprehensive care. For tourists, it's advisable to have travel insurance.
Interesting Fact: Sri Lanka has a long-standing history of Ayurvedic medicine, with many resorts offering wellness retreats.

Both public and private healthcare facilities are available. Private clinics offer better amenities and shorter wait times, but at a higher cost. Travel insurance is recommended for tourists.

Safety, Rules, and Freedoms:

Sri Lanka
Generally safe for tourists. However, one should be cautious about petty theft in crowded areas. Local customs and religious sentiments should be respected.

Mauritius has a reputation for being safe for tourists. Usual safety precautions apply. It's a multicultural society, and tourists are expected to respect local customs and traditions.


Attitude Towards Tourists and Expats

Sri Lankans are known for their warm hospitality. Tourists are often welcomed with smiles and a helpful demeanor. The thriving tourism industry means most locals in tourist hubs are accustomed to, and appreciative of, visitors.
Expats living in Sri Lanka generally report a warm reception. While there might be some cultural adjustments, locals often go out of their way to assist newcomers. However, like anywhere, it's essential to respect local customs and traditions to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Mauritian hospitality is renowned. The island's economy relies heavily on tourism, and as a result, tourists are generally treated with great respect and warmth.
Expats often praise the friendly nature of Mauritians. The multicultural nature of the island has made it relatively easy for expats to integrate. The increasing expat community, especially in areas like Grand Baie, provides a supportive environment.

Languages of Communication

The official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhala, Tamil, and English. In tourist areas, English is widely spoken, and communication is rarely an issue. Expats, especially those residing for longer durations, might find it helpful to pick up basic phrases in Sinhala or Tamil, depending on the region.

The official language of Mauritius is English, but the majority of Mauritians speak Creole in daily life. French is also widely understood and spoken. Tourists will rarely have communication issues in popular areas. Expats often find it beneficial to grasp Creole basics, enhancing daily interactions and integration.

Bureaucracy (relevant mainly for expats)

Sri Lanka's bureaucratic processes can sometimes be seen as time-consuming and complex. Processes like registering for utilities, obtaining driving licenses, or even renting properties can require multiple steps and documentation. However, hiring local services or liaising with fellow expats can simplify many of these tasks.

Mauritius has been making strides in streamlining its bureaucratic processes, especially to appeal to foreign investors and professionals. While certain procedures can still be lengthy, especially related to property acquisition and business setups, the government's proactive approach, like the introduction of the Premium Visa for remote workers, has made some aspects smoother.


Leisure and Activities

Sri Lanka

  • Water Sports: With its expansive coastline, Sri Lanka is a haven for water enthusiasts. Popular sports include surfing (especially in Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa), diving in Trincomalee, and whale watching in Mirissa.
  • Trekking: The country offers diverse trekking trails. The Horton Plains' "World's End" and treks in Ella, such as Little Adam's Peak, stand out.
  • Wildlife Safaris: Visit Yala or Udawalawe National Park for a chance to see elephants, leopards, and various bird species in their natural habitat.
  • Cultural Exploration: Experience local culture through traditional Kandyan dances, village tours, and cooking classes.
  • Train Rides: Embark on one of the world's most scenic train journeys from Kandy to Ella, passing through lush tea plantations and misty mountains.


  • Water Sports: The island’s lagoons are perfect for kite surfing, snorkeling, and underwater sea walks. Grand Baie and Le Morne are particularly popular spots.
  • Golfing: Mauritius is home to some world-class golf courses with paradisiacal views, like the Ile aux Serpents course.
  • Hiking: Black River Gorges National Park offers scenic hiking trails with views of waterfalls and the island's interior.
  • Cultural Exploration: Participate in Sega dance evenings or explore the unique Creole culture through culinary tours.
  • Boat Tours: Go on catamaran cruises, dolphin-watching tours, or visit the smaller islands like Île d'Ambre.


Sri Lanka
While nightlife is not as bustling as some global hotspots, coastal areas like Mirissa, Hikkaduwa, and Colombo offer a variety of beach bars, clubs, and lounges. The music, dance, and vibe are an amalgamation of local and western influences.

Grand Baie is the epicenter of Mauritian nightlife, with a plethora of bars, nightclubs, and beach parties. Flic en Flac and the capital, Port Louis, also offer lively evening options.


Sri Lanka

  • Sigiriya: Known as the Lion Rock, this ancient rock fortress stands majestically amidst the central plains. The rock’s summit offers panoramic views and holds the ruins of an ancient civilization.
  • Temple of the Tooth (Kandy): A significant Buddhist temple housing the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha.
  • Galle Dutch Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this coastal fort reflects colonial architecture and offers a historic journey through its ramparts and narrow streets.
  • Anuradhapura: The ancient capital is home to well-preserved ruins dating back more than 2,000 years.
  • Dambulla Cave Temple: This temple complex boasts a series of five caves adorned with intricate Buddhist murals and statues.


  • Le Morne Brabant: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mountain stands as a symbol of freedom for escaped slaves and offers challenging treks with breathtaking views.
  • Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth: A geological formation where the sands create a surreal palette of colors.
  • Pamplemousses Botanical Garden: One of the oldest botanical gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, showcasing a variety of exotic plants, including giant water lilies.
  • Ile aux Serpents: A pristine island famous for its clear waters, coral reefs, and diverse marine life.
  • Port Louis Central Market: Dive into the local culture, taste street foods, and shop for souvenirs in this bustling market.

Hotels & Rental Housing for Tourists

Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of accommodation options, from guesthouses to luxury resorts. Due to the boom in tourism over the past years, there has been a significant increase in boutique hotels and Airbnb listings, especially in tourist hotspots like Mirissa, Ella, and Galle.
Interesting Fact: Some of Sri Lanka’s most unique accommodations are in converted tea factories and colonial bungalows amidst the lush tea plantations.

Mauritius has long been a popular luxury destination, with many high-end resorts lining its pristine beaches. However, there's also a rising trend of budget accommodations, vacation rentals, and guesthouses, catering to a broader spectrum of travelers.
Interesting Fact: Some of the world’s top luxury hotel brands have their presence in Mauritius, including Oberoi, St. Regis, and Leela.

Short Stays in Hotels

Sri Lanka
Cheapest: From $10-$20 for basic guesthouses or hostels.
Average: Around $50-$150 for mid-range hotels and boutique accommodations.

Cheapest: From $20-$40 for budget guesthouses or B&Bs.
Average: Around $100-$300 for standard beach resorts and hotels.

Monthly Rental Prices for Apartments and Villas

Sri Lanka
Apartments: Starting from $200-$400 for basic apartments in less touristy areas. In popular tourist hubs, the price can range from $500-$1000.
Villas: From $800 for basic villas, with luxury options costing $2000 and above.

Apartments: Starting from $400-$700 in less tourist-centric areas. In prime locations, expect prices from $1000-$2000.
Villas: From $1200 for modest villas, with upscale villas in prime locations ranging from $2500 to $5000 and more.

In summary, both Mauritius and Sri Lanka offer a mix of budget to luxury accommodations, catering to different travel preferences. While Mauritius leans slightly towards the upscale end in terms of pricing, Sri Lanka provides a broader spectrum of budget-friendly options. Regardless of the choice, both islands promise memorable stays in breathtaking settings.

Transport Guide

Getting around comfortably and efficiently is essential when exploring a new country. Let's navigate through the transportation landscape of Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Public Transport

Buses: Sri Lanka has an extensive bus network, connecting even the remotest of areas. While incredibly affordable, buses can be crowded, especially during peak hours.
Trains: The train system is not as vast, but it covers significant regions, including a scenic route through the hill country. Trains are a popular choice for both locals and tourists, especially the journey from Kandy to Ella.

Buses: Mauritius' bus service covers the entire island. It's a cost-effective way to travel, but it can be slower due to frequent stops.
Trains: Mauritius doesn't have a train network for public transportation.


Sri Lanka
Taxis are available, but the more popular choice is the three-wheeler or 'tuk-tuk.' It's essential to agree on a price before the journey or ensure the meter is on.

Taxis are widely available, especially in tourist areas. Again, it's advisable to agree on a fare in advance or check if the meter is operational.

Car Rental

Sri Lanka
Price Per Day: Starting from $20-$30 for basic models.
Price Per Month: Starting from $450-$600.
Driving Licence Requirements: A temporary Sri Lankan driving licence is required by law, but in most cases an International Driving Permit will allow you to avoid a fine.

Price Per Day: Starting from $25-$40 for basic models.
Price Per Month: Starting from $600-$800.
Driving License Requirements: A driving license from any country in English or French is valid for up to four weeks. For longer stays, an International Driving Permit (IDP) or a temporary Mauritian driving license is required.

Rental of Motorbikes

Sri Lanka
Price Per Day: Starting from $6-$10.
Price Per Month: $100-$200.
Driving Licence Requirements: A temporary Sri Lankan driving licence is required by law, but in most cases an International Driving Permit will allow you to avoid a fine.

Price Per Day: Starting from $15-$25.
Price Per Month: Starting from $150-$350.
Driving License Requirements: A valid motorcycle license from your home country. If you're staying longer than four weeks, you'll either need an IDP or a temporary Mauritian license.


Visa regulations can be a pivotal factor when choosing a travel destination. Let's delve into the visa processes of Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Visas for Sri Lanka

Tourist Visa
Mostly required to be obtained prior to arrival through the online Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system.
Duration: 30 days (with possibility of extension).
Cost: Around $50 for most nationalities; SAARC countries get a discounted fee. Some nationals may need to apply through an embassy.
Interesting Fact: Sri Lanka occasionally offers visa-free travel or free visas on arrival for short promotional periods to boost tourism.

Long-term, Freelancer, or Digital Nomad Visas
Sri Lanka does not specifically have a digital nomad visa. However, the standard tourist visa can be extended up to six months.

Visa Extension & Border Runs
Visa extensions are possible through the Department of Immigration in Colombo. Cost of extension: Around $50 for the first month and additional fees for subsequent months.
Many tourists perform "border runs" by briefly leaving the country and re-entering to reset their visa, but it's essential to note the risks and potential scrutiny by immigration officials.

Visas for Mauritius

Tourist Visa
Citizens of most countries receive a visa on arrival.
Duration: Up to 60 days.
Cost: Free for most nationalities.
Interesting Fact: Mauritius, known for its luxury tourism, also welcomes backpackers and budget travelers with its visa-on-arrival policy.

Long-term, Freelancer, or Digital Nomad Visas
Mauritius introduced the Premium Visa in 2020, catering to long-term visitors, retirees, and digital nomads.
Duration: 1 year (renewable).
Cost: Currently, there's no fee associated with the Premium Visa.

Visa Extension & Border Runs:
Extensions for the standard tourist visa can be processed through the Passport and Immigration Office in Mauritius.
Similar to Sri Lanka, "border runs" can be done, but it's always advisable to adhere to visa guidelines to avoid complications.

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Choosing between the cultural richness of Sri Lanka and the idyllic beauty of Mauritius can be challenging. Both islands beckon with distinct experiences: from Sri Lanka's scenic tea plantations and spicy culinary delights to Mauritius' luxurious resorts and tantalizing Creole flavors. For tourists seeking affordability and a diverse range of activities, Sri Lanka stands out with its extensive transport network, affordable accommodations, and varied natural attractions. Mauritius, on the other hand, caters to those seeking more refined comforts, offering top-tier resorts and a straightforward visa process for extended stays. For expats, especially digital nomads, Mauritius introduces the appeal of the Premium Visa, combined with a slightly higher standard of living, making it a potentially more comfortable long-term base. However, both islands offer unique experiences that can cater to different preferences.

What's your take? Do you agree with our assessment or have a different perspective based on personal experiences? We invite you to share your views and enrich the conversation!


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