Plaines Wilhems

Welcome to Plaines Wilhems, a dynamic district pulsating with energy, framed by spectacular mountain ranges, and sprinkled with pockets of serene, natural escapes. Located in the central part of Mauritius, Plaines Wilhems cleverly marries urban conveniences with the blissful serenity of nature, ensuring an array of activities for every traveler.

Begin your excursion in Quatre Bornes, fondly termed as 'La Ville des Fleurs' (City of Flowers). A shopper’s paradise, it lures you with its vibrant local markets and high-end malls. Here, you can sift through local crafts, textiles, and delectable street food, capturing the essence of everyday life in Mauritius.

The city of Curepipe invites you to explore its colonial mansions, vibrant parks, and the famed Trou aux Cerfs – a dormant volcanic crater offering panoramic views of the surroundings. Meander through its streets and discover boutiques, historic sites, and indulge in its varied culinary delights.

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! The lush Tamarind Falls (Sept Cascades) awaits your exploration. Engage in a hiking adventure through dense forests, passing by cascading waterfalls and secret pools, encapsulated by rich greenery and melodious bird calls.

A visit to the sacred Ganga Talao, although just beyond the district's limits in neighboring Savanne, is easily accessible from Plaines Wilhems and is a must-experience. The sacred lake and intricately designed temples provide a spiritual retreat and a glimpse into the island’s rich multicultural tapestry.

Plunge into the contrasting world of Plaines Wilhems, where every turn offers a new adventure - be it amidst the rhythmic hustle of city life or the tranquil embrace of its natural landscapes. It is a district where the heartbeats of urban and natural Mauritius entwine, crafting a truly diverse and invigorating experience.
Plaines Wilhems

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