Grand Port

Grand Port, an evocative district in Mauritius, embraces you with an enthralling blend of historical charm and natural serenity. As its name (translating to "Great Harbor") implies, it has been a significant maritime and trade region since the island’s early colonization days.

Commence your journey at the historically rich village of Mahebourg, where the Naval Museum allows you to sail through the waves of the past, exploring ancient naval artifacts and tales of sea battles. The vibrant Mahebourg market, where locals sell everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts, offers a delightful glimpse into daily Mauritian life.

Next, permit yourself to be seduced by the serene allure of Blue Bay Marine Park. Its crystalline waters, inhabited by vibrant corals and a spectrum of marine life, are a snorkeler’s utopia. Explore the underwaters, or simply luxuriate on the sun-kissed sands.

A sojourn to Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve is a must for nature aficionados. The island, a significant conservation site, hosts some of the rarest birds and plants of Mauritius, providing a rare peek into the nation’s natural heritage.

For an exceptional panorama, head towards the Lion Mountain, which offers a moderately challenging hike ending with breathtaking views of the southeast coast.

The Grand Port District invites you to meander through its rich historical tapestry while also offering moments of peace amidst its natural sanctuaries. Each step is a wander through time, with remnants of the past seamlessly interwoven with serene natural landscapes.
Grand Port


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