Short videos with beautiful views of Mauritius

Marine wonders of Mauritius
Unexpectedly, a local fisherman caught such a strange creature from the sea. Does anyone know what this is?

Sugar cane juice is delicious!
This video was filmed at one of the frequent food festivals in La Croisette. Similar “juicers” can be found in different parts of the island. I really liked the juice itself, not too sweet, even refreshing, much better than any Coca-Cola. The cost is about 2.5 dollars for a large glass

The islands in the northeast of Mauritius are very beautiful, there is no one, a great place for a barbecue in nature.

Kitesurfing near Le Morne, Mauritius
Le Morne in Mauritius is a top-notch kitesurfing destination known for its perfect wind conditions, stunning scenery, and a range of facilities to make your kitesurfing adventure enjoyable and memorable. It offers ideal kitesurfing conditions with consistent trade winds, warm water, and a lagoon protected by a coral reef. The wind is typically strongest from June to September, making this period the peak kitesurfing season. There are several kitesurfing schools and rental shops in the vicinity of Le Morne that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders. They offer lessons, equipment rental, and guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable kitesurfing experience.


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