Balance Board for Sale

Boost Your Core Strength & Balance!

800.00 once


For Sale: Practically New YOW Surfskate - Your Ticket t..

I'm selling my barely used YOW Surfskate, a gem I picked up on a trip to Ba...

450.00 once


Dance lessons in Mahébourg

If you want to learn dance online or you want to have a very professional d...

500.00 a piece


Karate Black River

Beginner classes start 18 May 2023. Train for free for May before committin...

1400.00 a piece


Snorkel mask for sale

In good condition, used a few times, I'm selling because I don't need it an...

500.00 once


Seeking Island Companions: Let's Create Lasting Memorie..

In Mauritius from March until at least next year. We will be glad to meet n...


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